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A complete list of swear words can be found here: MediaWiki:BadWords.

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Chatroom Policy


  • Do not enforce the rules on the chat. This is commonly referred to as "mini-modding". Staff members of the wiki are appointed for this reason.
  • Linking to any dangerous websites will result in a two week ban minimum. We wish to keep user’s computers safe.
    • Linking to jump-scares will result in an immediate day ban minimum.
  • Using false evidence or spreading malicious lies about another user will result in a kick or ban.
  • If an admin or mod feels like a user is purposefully trying to disrupt the chat, troll or purposefully upset other users, they may issue a warning followed by a kick and eventually a ban.

Vulgar Language

  • Swear abbreviations (such as wt*, st*u, lm*ao, etc), certain swear substitutes, and abbreviations that can be translated into cuss words is treated as though the swear had been said.
  • Words such as "sl*t", "wh*re", and "r*tard" are not allowed.

NSFW And Sexual Content

  • NSFW (not safe for work, or things you don’t want to be seen looking at in school or work) is not permitted to be discussed or linked to in main chat. If you are unsure if what you are about to link is NSFW or not, please send a link to a staff member in PM to make sure.
    • Mild innuendos or jokes are allowed in moderation.

Controversial Topics

  • Be courteous. While it is suggested you avoid topics that make others uncomfortable (politics, religion, mortality, etc), if you do discuss these topics do so in a polite, respectful manner. If staff requests or another user states they are uncomfortable and asks that you stop talking about such topics, stop or take it to PM.

Advertising Wikis and Websites

  • Linking to other wiki chats is not allowed in main chat.
  • Advertising to view your content on other websites is fine, however advertising non-Roblox content on other websites will result in a kick.


  • Chat is supposed to be a fun thing for everyone, try to welcome new and old users when they arrive.
  • Respect ALL users regardless of differences in opinion, or disagreements.
  • If you are kicked, consider it a warning and you may rejoin, but if you do the same action that you were kicked for, you will be banned.

Chat Rules

The following are policies associated with the ROBLOX Wikia's chat feature. Users are encouraged to read them prior to entering the chat and to contact an Epic Administrator if clarification is needed.

  1. Obscene language and mature discussions are permitted at the chat moderator's discretion. If no chat moderators are present or the chat moderator does not give permission, no obscene language or mature discussion is allowed. Discussing R-rated material is forbidden even when a chat moderator gives permission to discuss more mature topics.
  2. No spamming or excessively using caps lock, or emojis. Spamming links, particularly to other wikias, is prohibited.
  3. Listen to the chat moderators. They are the users who have stars next to their names.
  4. Sockpuppetry is forbidden. If you are banned from the wiki, please do not use an alternate account to enter the chat.
  5. Use common sense when determining what is appropriate to say. As a rule of thumb, don't post anything you don't want your grandmother or teacher seeing. We are a welcoming community and prohibit rude or mean behavior to other editors.
  6. If you are in a private conversation with another editor and wish to not be disturbed by other users, or you want to discuss something else with another editor that the rest of the chat room no longer wants to talk about, please use the private chat feature by clicking on that user's avatar in the chat and selecting "private message."